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High-quality design and printing of anatomical dental 3D models for training, education and research.

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Dental 3D models offer unparalleled benefits for education and patient communication. Dentists can clearly demonstrate various surgical procedures and dental issues through these highly detailed replicas. These Dental 3D models provide a superior patient consultation experience, making simple to complex surgeries understandable for them.

Also, using dental 3D models for educational purposes transforms theoretical knowledge into tangible understanding, fostering a more engaging and effective learning environment. Useful for courses, workshops, or similar, with Dental 3D models, education becomes immersive and detailed for doctors looking for practical ways to learn new dental techniques.


These high-resolution, anatomically precise Dental 3D models are a powerful tool, enabling prospective customers to visualize and understand your product’s unique advantages. The tangible representation increases product awareness and boosts confidence in its functionality. Dental 3D models also facilitate engaging demonstrations, promoting better customer interaction and satisfaction.

For a compelling and effective marketing strategy, integrating dental 3D models is the smart choice to highlight product superiority and foster consumer trust.


We make Dental 3D models easy for you

Technical Features


We use high definition segmentation of authentic medical images to prepare high-fidelity STL models. All dental 3d models are customized to include company names or references.

Advanced Technology

We then print the dental 3d models using appropriate parameters, printers and resins. We studied all parameters affecting the print quality, resolution and feel when drilling or using the 3D model. We print at DICOM resolution.

Experts in the field

We are Engineers and Ph.D.s, and we love what we do. We want you to feel as satisfied as we do when receiving the 3D models order.

Procurement & RAQA

Product Definition

We work together to design a 3D model that matches your objectives, budget and timing. We share our experience to advise and meet your requirements.

Product Specification

We will provide you with technical Specifications sheet in PDF format for each product you order. It includes detailed information such as dimensions, weight, colour, basic materials and pictures of the master model.

Purchase Order

One all specifications of the product(s) are set, we will await your Purchase Order to move forward. We understand RQA requirements and are happy to follow your instructions.

Take a deeper look!

The products highlight key anatomical features essential to show the benefits and uniqueness of your products. The following examples focus on critical areas for the placement of zygomatic implants.

Mandibular Condyle

Mandibular notch


Mandibular angle

Mental foramen

Coronoid process

Orbital Floor

Infraorbital nerve

Maxillary wall

Alveolar Crest

Zygomatic arch

Zygomatic bone

Any appearance available

White, Transparent, Green, Blue, Yellow – We design a Master Model for your validation according to your requirements. 

Sinus lift, short implants, or pterygoid implants? We work with you to find the correct indication to maximize the learning potential when demonstrating your products.

FAQ about Dental 3D models

The Dental 3D models are made of a propietary polymeric resin formulation that allows the user to experience a product close to human bone.

To find out the cost of the 3D models, you will have to fill in the form with your instructions and needs. We will contact to understand your needs and subsequently with a quote and order specifications.

The design and manufacturing time depends on the size of the order. Reach out to us to obtain an evaluaiton of the delivery time.

Each image is carefully treated by hand to provide a fully reliable replica to the user. In addition, the high technology of 3D printing allows us not to lose precision in any manufacturing step.

Yes, you can. We add a bar to the models where we can stamp a logo or a name. To do this, they must attach a PNG with the logo in white to the form.

The necessary files are those resulting from a CBCT or CT scan. DICOM files, either multi-frame (about 500 layers) or a single file containing the entire patient image in all three views: axial, coronal, and sagittal.

Customers reviews

The 3D models are really useful. It is great to be able to accurately see all the relevant anatomical landmarks, and the models are such good quality that I’m able to actually go through the step by this process in my drilling sequence to place a zygomatic implant.
Dr. Ferhan Ahmed
The 3d models have helped me plan my surgeries successfully. The service is impeccable and it was delivered on time.
Dr. Marc Less
No doubt I will continue to work with this team. Such a great product. I asked for specific personalization and they replied with options and solutions. Thank you!
Dr. Gino Maggiolo

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